ACR OLAS Guardian Engine Kill Switch & MOB Alarm System

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ACR OLAS Guardian Engine Kill Switch & MOB Alarm System

ACR OLAS Gaurdian Wireless Engine Kill Switch and Man Overboard (MOB) Alarm System

Model: 2985
  • ACR OLAS Free Mobile App Integration
  • Ultra-Bright Red LED Visual Alarm
  • 85 dB Audible Alarm
  • Connect up to 15 ACR OLAS Transmitters
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Utilizes the latest Bluetooth® 5.0 Technology
  • Expand system coverage from 50 ft. to 80 ft. using the OLAS EXTENDER
  • 12/24V Wired
  • Color-Coded Control Switch
  • Automatic engine restart
  • Relay selection
  • Automatic connection
  • No connection alert and override
  • Pause mode
  • Run alongside existing Kill switch

The GUARDIAN functions as a wireless kill cord, which when connected to your engine's kill switch will stop the engine within two seconds of becoming disconnected. Given that the OLAS GUARDIAN also wirelessly connects up to 15 crew members via wearable OLAS transmitters (OLAS Tags or OLAS Float-On Lights), it essentially creates a virtual kill cord attached to each transmitter. Within two seconds of an OLAS transmitter losing connection, either by going overboard or via separation by distance, the engine will cut out, and a loud alarm is triggered. The engine can be restarted after five seconds, and a rescue can be performed. The rescue process is then simplified by the GUARDIAN’s ability to connect with the ACR OLAS mobile app which, in the case of a MOB incident, provides an easy to read directional screen showing the direction where the alarm was triggered and advises on the correct mayday call.

The ACR OLAS GUARDIAN is a wireless engine kill switch and MOB alarm system that provides users with a robust set of safety features. The system offers a comprehensive list of distinct advantages including:

OLAS Guardian is easily operated via the OLAS Mobile APP, which enables you to set how long it should take for before the engine is shut off. The app also enables selecting if the external alarm when a Tag wearer is out of range should activate on both the GUARDIAN and your mobile device.

OLAS Guardian can be used in place of or alongside an existing kill cord switch and will operate if the physical kill cord has not been attached to the driver.

On most engines, a simple parallel connection to the existing kill switch will enable the full wireless cut-off capability.

A high-power emergency Red light will illuminate, offering a clear visual indication of an alert whilst also acting as a light to illuminate the surrounding area

The OLAS App allows individual relay selection for easily adjusting if the OLAS transmitter triggers the engine cut-off/relay, or only triggers the Guardian's inbuilt MOB alarm

When you board your vessel and switch on the power, OLAS Guardian will automatically connect to any switched on OLAS transmitting devices within 2 meters range.

If you board the vessel and no transmitters are switched on, the Guardian will sound an alert. This alert can be stopped either by connecting the OLAS transmitter to the Guardian or the Guardian can be manually switched off. After which the vessel can be driven as usual using the existing physical safety kill cord.

The system can be placed in a pause mode. This is used when you need to leave the boat with the engine idling, such as walking down a pontoon, knowing the OLAS transmitter will go out of range

Up to 15 transmitters allow larger vessels to connect crew and objects to the Guardian. Simply by attaching a transmitter to object such as a MOB flotation device or yacht tender you can always be aware if something has gone missing.

An OLAS Extender can be used to cover areas where the transmitter signal may be blocked. This allows use on larger vessels up to 80ft and the ability to scale the system up if required.

Dimensions3.6" (H) x 3.5" (L) x 1.5" (W)/92 (H) x 90 (L) x 38 (W) mm
Weight3.97 Ounces (112.5 g)
OperationPress button once to turn on, all tags within 2 meters are tracked
Maximum Number of Connected OLAS transmitterConnects up to 15 OLAS Transmitters (OLAS Tags and/or OLAS Float-On)
Power / Current10-32V / 13-17mA
Visual AlarmRed LED / 55 Lumens
Audible AlarmAudible Alarm
Automatic RestartAfter 5 Seconds
Automatic ConnectionAutomatically connects to any activated OLAS transmitter within a 2 meter range.
Relay SelectionUse the OLAS APP to select which crew members transmitters should trigger the engine cut off, or only trigger the Guardians built-in alarm.
MOB SystemTrack up to 15 different OLAS transmitters with 1 phone/tablet. OLAS Transmitters can be tracked by an unlimited number of phones/tablets (Bluetooth 4.1 Compatible).
Mobile AppIOS and Android (Free Download)
RangeFor use with vessels up to 50 feet (12 meters).
ScalabilityUpgrade your system with the ACR OLAS Extender (extends range of your MOB system from a vessel size of 50 ft up to 80 ft).
WaterproofYes (IP67)
Housing MaterialABS
Fuse1-3 Amp fuse recommended (not supplied)
Bluetooth®4.2 + 5.0
ApplicationsRecreational and Commercial Boating

What's in the Box:
  • OLAS Gaurdian
  • ACR OLAS Tag
  • Power Connection Cable
  • Kill Switch Cord Connector
  • Stainless Steel Control Switch
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MFG Part Number 2985
upc 791659029855
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